429 is Bellhousing plate needed - Manual Tran

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429 is Bellhousing plate needed - Manual Tran

Post  Speedwaypj on January 14th 2012, 10:27 am

I've been searching - looks like the Auto tranny needs the Engine Plate (between bellhousing and engine). I have a 1969 429 - I've built for a Cobra project. It came with a bellhousing and clutch for a manual tranny. I've been carring this around with me for about 40 yrs - and I didn't think I lost anything but I don't have a plate.
Do I need this plate ? all it would seem to do is move the Bellhousing back about .060" ? doesn't seem significant. However I do need to enclose the lower section in front of the flywheel to keep small animals out.
Where would I get one if I need it?


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Re: 429 is Bellhousing plate needed - Manual Tran

Post  Wheelie58 on January 14th 2012, 12:34 pm

The "block plate" has a very important primary function. It accurately locates the starter by the registering "ring" of the starter end plate. Without the plate, the mounting bolts are the only points of reference for the starter and its relationship to the ring gear. Of course, the plate also helps seal the lower bell housing area to keep contaminants out of the clutch and starter area.
I have a nice design for the plate and can help you with this...
Just give me a call. 678-458-2033

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