water leak-s help!

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water leak-s help!

Post  77ford on March 2nd 2012, 9:46 pm

Hi, quick update... I bought a used rebuilt 71 460 out of a truck, said to run great bored .040 said it had a "rv package"? cam etc. Aluminum edlebrock intake etc. I put new gaskets threw the engine, except head gaskets looked it over all looked good.

Put the engine in my truck runs great first night small water leak bolt on water pump, it quit. Then 3 weeks later timing chain cover started to leak solid drip. I replaced the cover, gaskets, leak fixed. Drive the truck 3 days later small leak at intake manifold corner were it meets block and head, Front drivers corner. (bolt was 3/4 turn loose not real loose) Rev it up leak gets worse.

Is this just my luck and nothing serious replace gasket and good to go, or is it something more with all these leaks?
Engine does not run hot.

Thanks for any help or ideas!


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Re: water leak-s help!

Post  RetroJim on March 2nd 2012, 10:50 pm

I found out the hard way ! Anytime I buy something used from someone else that tells me it is a fresh build or they just instaled a new part , I ALWAYS double check the bolts torque specks to make sure they are done right . I only trust myself knowing it was done the correct way . I would make sure all the bolts you can get a socket on are torqued down to the proper specs . You should also take any bolts out that go into any water passages and put some thread sealer on them and torque to specs .
If you have anymore problems with bolts coming loose , just replace them with new ARP bolts . I had a heck of a time last summer with an intake on a 302 where the intake bolts kept coming loose . The problem was , they weren't coming loose at all . They were stretching ! There are so many cheap chinese bolts and nuts out there that all the stores sell now that just can't take the torque , then stretch and break . I had intake bolts break on me last summer and that was only 25 lbs torque ! So I went and bought stainless and still has a couple do the same thing . They were all made in china ! They would torque down fine then about 5 mins later they would seem to be loose again . They all stretched in the same places and I had 2 break off in the heads !
So if you keep having bolts come loose , replace them with ARP !
I would just put a pressure test on the cooling system and see if it hold the pressure .


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