Big Dawg Race @ HOH

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Big Dawg Race @ HOH

Post  valleydawg on April 2nd 2012, 12:05 pm

I plan to run the 4.70 race at Mike Hills Battle of the Big Dawg Race at Carolina April 27-28 but look at the Pro Mods that have already confirmed! Man this is going to be fun to watch!

*Nitrous Pro Mod*
Mike "The Hitman" Hill
-Chris Rini
... -Travis "Carolina Kid" Harvey
-Chris Patrick
-Dan Bandish
-Mike Starvinos
-Dwayne Silence
-George Williams Racing
-Danny Vaughn (Pending Recovery)
-Jamie Hancock
-Darrin Hoyle (Pending)
-Ronnie Gardner
-Edmund "Mr. 5 Speed" Hall
-Kenny Kneece
-Steve Vick
-Kerry Crosby
-Ray schular / Spiros Legejis
-Greg Godwin
-Tommy Mauney
-Danny Perry

**Blower / Turbo Pro Mods

-Clark Brothers Racing (TX)
-Todd "King Tutt" Tutterow
-Danny Blankenship
-Ric Fleck
-Bill Lutz
-Mark Wells
-Chris Kline
-Jimmy Blackmon
-Russell & Tyler Miller
-Tommy Mauney
-Troy Jordon
-Mike Janis (Pending)


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Re: Big Dawg Race @ HOH

Post  DILLIGASDAVE on April 2nd 2012, 5:19 pm

Be sure and check out the Clark bros. They now have the old "Hell Hoss" Mustang that was part of the Lenmar camp, and have already gone 3.98 (TOPMA) and 4.0's (APM) their first few outings with the car. They picked up HH after wrecking their twin Procharger Vette at the end of last year at Dallas.

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