Help with a 460 EFI engine build.

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Help with a 460 EFI engine build.

Post  88tbird on October 1st 2009, 9:49 pm

I am going to put a EFI 460 with a AOD into my Thinderbird. I want to stick with the EFI. I am going to run a A9L Mustang computer with a 5.0L harness that is already in the car. Now I want to build the engine up. I have been looking arround for ideas but not much for EFI stuff available. So i am looking for a heads/cam/intake/TB setup. I like the Probe Industries EFI spider intake. Simple and easy install. But what are good heads and a good cam? Is it a good choice to go to a roller cam set up? I am going to be mostly street cruising and the odd.......laying the black strips down. So want a mild setup with a little bit of a loopy idle and a nice sound from the exhaust but a good power range. Any sugestions?

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