Trying to plan out a boosted build but need more info

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Trying to plan out a boosted build but need more info Empty Trying to plan out a boosted build but need more info

Post  torkair on October 17th 2012, 5:11 am

I've been trying to figure out how to go about putting together a supercharged 460 and make sure the thing holds together. The power goal I am looking at is around 750 to 800 hp using a centrifugal supercharger (for simplicity, compact packaging, and it's a bit easier on the budget than a turbo setup). I remember hearing that a basic rule of thumb is a 7% power increase per pound of boost and was looking at running 10 to 12 lbs. maybe even as much as 14 lbs. to get to the targeted power range. Now first things first I want to keep the bottom end together above all else so I am planning on having a set of splayed 4 bolt main caps installed (got a D1 and a D9 block), H beam connecting rods, and I am undecided as to the pistons right now (hypereutectic or forged?). Any other tips and tricks to keep the engine together and happy would be greatly appreciated, I've got loads of time here.

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Trying to plan out a boosted build but need more info Empty supercharged motor

Post  blown473 on October 18th 2012, 9:55 pm

I have a blown 460, it's been on the road over 8 years, so I can pretty much answer any questions you have. Here's my ideas so far concerning your post. First use only forged pistons, anything else will not hold up to 10-14lbs boost. Given the choice of your blocks, I would use the D9 block, it has longer bores, that's better if you ever plan to use a stroker kit. Other than that the blocks are the same strength wise. H-beam rods are really a must at that boost . Are you going to stay with the 460 cubic inch size? Reason I'm asking is you can buy the 521 stroker kit for $1199 from great reliable vendors on this sight, such as Lem Evans (B.F. Evans) and in that kit you get a 4.3 cast crank, H-beam rods, and forged dish top pistons, which are perfect for a supercharger. Just pick heads with larger combustion chambers to keep your compression around 8-9 to 1. D3's, or many after market heads are available, such as Edelbrock, Blue Thunder, etc. If your staying with the 460 cubic inch, Speed Pro makes a factory type forged dish top piston that works the same way, and you can buy a set of H-beam rods. There's plenty more to building a supercharged engine, feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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