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Post  toytroy on May 20th 2013, 3:55 pm

I have now a bbfox. I have stock dove-c heads, roller tip rockers (not full roller), howards 535/540 lift (can't remember duration) flat tappet cam, stock '87 short block, stealth intake, demon 750cfm carb, d&d headers (I have the full swap kit from Bob and they have the best customer service I've ever seen/heard).

I got $4600 back for my tax return so I'm looking to redue the ol 460. Its in a 93 notch that is completly gutted. I am wanting to run the edelbrock cj bare heads so I don't have to change my headers. I want to run a roller cam but, I can't find the specs on what size springs I should use. I'm looking at howards roller cam 243385-10. The reason for that cam is the car will still be street drivin. Anyone know what retainers, springs, locks ect... To use with those heads for that cam? I plan on doin a 502ci stoker kit. I was debating the 545 but, one again it is a street and strip car so I don't think having that much rotating mass on a stock d9 block and the extra power is needed. I just feel it would be over kill. I do have a zex nitrous setup I used a few years back on my chevy and I was thinking of using it. Also I feel that with the added power, I need a better carb. Some people say go with a 950 square bore and others say go with a 1050 dominator. I do need a new intake so I'm trying to decide if I'm going with a 4150 or 4500. What do you guys feel would be a good size for this build?

I'm not looking for head suggestions. I know I can make more power with p-51 or power ports but, I know the edelbrocks can make the power I want and I don't have to spend another $800-1000 on new headers. I'm only looking for to get my car into the low 11's-high 10's so I'm guessing 550hp off the bottle (that's if I choose to use it).

Any suggestions execpt the one above will be greatly appreciated.


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Post  Dave C. on May 28th 2013, 7:34 am

You on the right track .. Problem is 4600 wont go very far these days....I wouldnt run a roller cam on the street. You wont need it or the bottle to run 11's . Go ahead and get a good manifold ( mafia ) in case you decide to step up in the future .Good luck.

Dave C.

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Post  bbf-falcon on May 28th 2013, 12:10 pm

If your short block is stock,you won't need a roller cam. I would go w/good flat tappet w/springs and lifters,a good dual plane intake,4150 carb, maybe 850/950,good shift kit in tranny,and a 4.30 gear. Should run high 11's according to weight of car.


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Post  69F100 on May 28th 2013, 12:54 pm

I had a stock d9 block except for speed pro flat top pistons the elcheapo set with dove-c heads with home porting done on them and a solid flat tappet custom cam with a motorsport g429 intake with a 1050 dommy c6 trans stock with just shift kit with a 4000 tci stall with 4.86 gears in my ranger it ran the best of 6.72 in the 1/8 and 10.88 letting out at the 1000' mark it wt was 3265 with me in it and it is n/a no power adders. I think you can make what you are looking for with what you have now with out the spray with a little work and a custom cam

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