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Post  tconnection on October 1st 2013, 2:20 am


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Post  IDT-572 on October 2nd 2013, 4:28 pm

tconnection wrote:My exhaust smokes some on the pass side. Kinda barely see some at regular idle but see it pretty good when reved on. Driver side collector is rusty and pass side has the smut like oil like residue. Plugs are black on both sides though. Wondering if rings are washed or carb dumping alot of gas. Temp havent seen 200 yet. Its barely gotten to 160 or the temp sender and gauge is no good. I sure hope i dont have to pull this thing and rehone, rering or whatever. Can the carb be to rich from not enough air bleed?
Thinks for any info ideas.
Check your intake gasket for a sealing problem ( pulling oil from the valley), and also check the vacuum line going to the modulator valve on the trans if it's an automatic.

Some intake manifolds had a vacuum port on the number 4 cylinder and it would suck transmission fluid up from the modulator if its busted.

Hopes this helps..........

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