Dynamic compression ratio & cam timing

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Dynamic compression ratio & cam timing

Post  AUDIOADDICT02 on October 19th 2013, 10:12 pm

Ok guys, so I'm real close to getting my 460 running, but after reading, reading, & reading about engines, I learned that dynamic compression ratio is very important when it comes to running pump gas.

Engine specs:
460 bored 40 over-4.40" bore
Stock crank
4.20 cc flat top pistons
Zero decked
D3ve heads
Ford racing .038 hg's
Summit racing g6630 timing set
Lunati voodoo 61605 241/249 cam

With all this, I'm at 9.83 static cr(although the cam asks for 10.5) & 8.6 dynamic cr.
Apparently 8.5 is the safe max cr for pump gas, I only have 91octane available.

Am I calculating the dynamic cr correctly? My cam sheet says the intake closes at 46.5 degrees abdc(I'm guessing at .050 lift)... I have read that my number would be calculated: 241-180+15 = would equal when the intake valve will close.

Also, I have my timing gear set at "6 & 12" position, which is apparently advanced on this timing set, but shouldn't it be 0 degrees adv/retard?

Can somebody please help me & review my combo to see if I'm doing it right? Before I crank it & end up blowing it up or breaking something...


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