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Post  bully boy on October 28th 2013, 7:08 pm

Back in 1994 I bought a 1971 F-100 long bed truck, It had a 351 Cleveland under the hood, came with a 3 speed manual trans. The engine was tired and worn out. So I went to the junk yard  and found a good clean 460, had everything but a carb. The owner was asking $100.00 for the complete engine, It was already out and covered up, had the fork lift driver load it in my truck. The motor was a 1974 internally balanced 460, still in the bed of my truck I un bolted the intake manifold, It weighed as much as a 390 engine, ha Ha flipped it over and pulled the rod and pistons out. The cylinder walls still had the cross hatch pattern on the cylinder walls. The crank and rod bearings looked almost ne. I cleaned up everything, bought a standard rebuild kit with rings bearings it came complete with all the seals and Detroit red, head gaskets. Bought a set of dove-c heads for $50.00, I cleaned up the bowls and removed the exhaust bump. Took um to the local machine shop for a good three angle cut,  plus they lapped the valves in so no leaks. The stock valves and the guides were still in great shape. With this going on, I had ordered a complete cam and kit from "super stock industries"  276 x 286 advertised, and 218 intake and 228 exhaust duration at .050 lift, with 503 lift intake and exhaust ,ground on a 114 LSA. A Eldebrock performer intake, and 2 one inch carb spacers, a new 3310 750 Holley. The 460 came with a points distributor, so I changed it over to electronic and added lighter springs so the advance would come all in by 2200 rpm. ran best with 34 degrees total timing, set a 10 degrees BTDC and 24 distributor advance. Chrome molly oil pump drive shaft and .100 longer -  hardened 5 /16's push rods. comp 1.70:1 ratio roller tip rockers and headman truck 1 3/4" headers Rounded out the build. I think with the early heads 75cc chambers and a .41 thick head gasket it had close to 9.3:1 compression. I don't know how much power it made? I used a built up c-6 tranny and with stock 3.25 ratio 9" rear end. No body on the streets could out run me! not even a corvette or a Porch 911. The Porch was a close run but I gradually pulled a way from him after I shifted to second. Out of the gate he would have me by a couple of car lengths. That truck had so much torque it would make your heart quiver. The weighed 3700 lb.'s. With me in in it. Local recycle weigh in station. Ran a 13 flat at 113 MPH down at little river drag strip. Getting loose in second gear had to lift the last 300 feet. So with that mph speed of 113 mph and having to lift at the 300 or so yard somewhere around 440 to 465 hp. @ 5250 rpm. It would run out to 6000 rpm easy enough. I wish I still had that truck, At the time we had planed to move to Ca. and with the smog laws I knew I would not be able to pass the mandatory smog test so I sold the truck the end

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