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PROCOMP HEADS ------ STICKY------ - Page 3 Empty Re: PROCOMP HEADS ------ STICKY------

Post  richter69 on November 28th 2013, 4:18 pm

seems legit....

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PROCOMP HEADS ------ STICKY------ - Page 3 Empty procomp alum. heads

Post  monkeybizness on October 14th 2014, 10:17 pm

I fell into the good (initially)price trap. bought them on e bay $1600 delivered to Calgary, I thought they looked ok except the corner of one had a flat spot where somebody had dropped it , but i dont s'pose thats indicative of all of them, They were advertised to be good to .600lift, when i took them to the engine builder to put onto the527 short block he just built he said i had to have all the valve pockets cut , then he had to do a valve job on them (as some guys here have said) and a couple of valves had to be replaced (bent stems) so all said Just over $2200 into a set of chinese knockoffs, I could have got my DOVE C heads done for $750 and been way ahead of the game, SO MY opinion and that's all it is , my opinion, I would NOT buy them again if i had it to do over !!!! Knowledge is King......... Neutral


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