Best cam bearings

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Post  bbf-falcon on February 26th 2014, 12:52 pm

Durabond is very popular.


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Post  Bill Heard on February 27th 2014, 3:17 am

I'm no engine builder but for a mild build the stock replacement should be fine.
But why not use the wider ones? I'm using the wider one myself Akerly & Childs Xtreme P-26-1-5 460 WIDE CAM BRG SET
Bill Heard
Bill Heard

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Best cam bearings - Page 2 Empty Re: Best cam bearings

Post  CDMBill on March 3rd 2014, 12:00 am

I suppose I should have qualified my post a bit more. I'll also concede that I don't have the expertise that most of those who post on this forum have.

Before going to an aftermarket block in 2005, I had some issues with the typical narrow cam bearings with a warmed over solid lifter motor and then a mild solid roller build. Cam bearing issues was one of the reasons I went to an aftermarket block (IDT Premier). My application is street strip stuff, usually about 5000-7000 miles a year with Hot Rod Drag Week, NMRA True street events and the odd road race/auto-x deal.

I've been through 3 iterations of the IDT based engine, all pump gas, at 572", 580" and 588" at 8320, 930 and 1014 HP with A460 heads. The constant has been the roller cam bearings, the same set. In that time I've fragged two roller lifters and had a few other issues but the roller cam bearings have been flawless. Like a lot of street strip deals it sits for awhile sometimes and I don't worry about the cam bearings now. Yes I've run billet cam cores, all from Comp with one exception, which was cut too wide on the LSA for the core and crushed the metal off the lobe flanks. Mostly RX and more recently RX Drag Race lobes.

We are continuing to push where we can go with the pump gas deal and have it live on the 400 plus mile drives we get at DW every year. I'm building a second engine this year with a Ford SVT A460 block for more street and track miles with the T56 behind it and it will have roller cam bearings. The IDT motor is going another round at DW this year, more lobe of course. If I ran a stock block I'd run the wide ones.

Thanks again to Lem and Charlie, Randy and a lot of guys here on the 429-460 forum. I wouldn't have the succes I've had without you.

This is just one guys experience. Good luck Gary.


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Best cam bearings - Page 2 Empty Re: Best cam bearings

Post  garys gt on March 3rd 2014, 8:14 am

thanks for all the info from everyone. sounds like I will be needing to run the wider bearings.

garys gt

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