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Post  windsor on March 28th 2014, 8:50 pm


EM: Are there other items in the works?

Jon: I have a couple of other things we have been working on. We have a billet aluminum oil pump for the big-block Ford. It is a gear pump, like on a big-block Chevy, and it is an inch and half higher so you can get rid of the big pocket in the front of the pan. It works better than the original G-rotor pump. With a wet sump, you can run a lot of crankcase vacuum in it without cavitating the oil, so it can make more power. If you put that pump and a vacuum pump on, you can make an extra 20 to 30 hp. The main reason we built this pump is to let you make the oil pan shallower in the front, so when guys build those hot rod cars, they can lower the engine in the front without hitting the steering racks.

I also have a fuel-injected intake manifold we are developing for both the Boss Nine and P51. It is kind of like the Cobra R manifold we ran on the 2013 Engine Masters mod motor. It sits lower than a carburetor, has a cross-ram look to it, and a cover over it. We have that in testing already, and it is way better than any four-barrel manifold.


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