So yeah... I have a huge target on me now.

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So yeah... I have a huge target on me now.

Post  BigBlockRanger on March 31st 2014, 10:18 am

Amarillo Dragway started their King of the Street and King of the Strip top 10 "lists" this past Saturday. DOT drag tires only. I ran my ET Street radials and the car would not hook for nothing. Wouldn't even try. Spin like on ice, pedal, hook, haul ass. I need to figure it out or pony up for some bias ply ET Streets if I hope to stay on the list very long. lol

Here's the list as it stands after this weekend.


So here's the deal. Cars entered in the Street class all got to make 2 test runs with instant green and no clocks. They were going to pick the top 12 and do some random pairings to set the initial list. Unfortunately due to the delays, they just ran out of time and it was starting to get dark and cold, so they decided to set the initial list by random drawing. Looks like I got lucky and drew the #1 spot. There's plenty of faster cars below me, so my time at the top will be pretty short! There's only 2 n/a cars. Me and the LS7 Z06 Vette in the #8 slot.

The 1 big tire car, #6, had a bunch of guy's feather's ruffled. It is what it is. Should be fun as the year goes on.

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