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Post  awmach on August 4th 2014, 10:16 am

This winter I pulled my 408w out of the 86 foxbody to fix the header leaks
and replace main seal. I found a piece of the torrington bearing retainer in the
pan so I replaced that (back to stock). Headers fixed (1 3/4 bbk's do not fit Darts
flange correctly ,welded remachined).I swapped bellhousing to a SFI unit and lowered
the stall to 3000 the starter gear was ruff so that was replaced also
The car wouldn't start (weak and erratic spark) I walked away several times .I pulled out the tach adapter & shift lite fixed some connectors also swapped out about everthing including uinlite (went to a Pertronix)The fix a bad starter duh only took 2 months
Once it started it only ran on 4 turned out the ring/rotor was to low for the pickup.
I posted this in hopes it would save someone a little time sorry if I bored you

A 6-71 alcohol injected 331 followed me home this weekend but I can't post pics


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