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4x4 cam recomendations Empty 4x4 cam recomendations

Post  fordtruck freak on August 21st 2014, 9:06 pm

I am looking for a cam to swap into my 460, f250 truck street toy drove once in awhile.
specs on my set up that i know. I bought the motor used going off what builder said.

71 460 bored .020  rebuilder pistons, dove heads roller tip rockers "rv" cam  stock manifolds. I recently got a tunnel ram and dual carbs it runs good actually and looks awesome. I also got 2 inch headers but haven't installed yet. I would like to put in a bigger cam that has a good sound at idle lope, and also run good. I don't want to redo springs in heads if i don't have to right now. Thumper cams fits the sound but not sure how they run. extreme 4x4 cams also . How big can i go with the dove heads?  Just think  bigger cam will be better with this set up and want lope. Also have a 2500 stall. I don't care if it is high rpm or do i plan to race it , but do want it to run good.
It is probably not the best  set up but i have always wanted a tunnel ram and it runs really good actually.  

I really like the sound of the mutha thumpr cam will it work with my dove heads and not change anything? Will it kill my power i have now? 519 503 lift 234 249 lift at 50, lobe sep 107 intake center 112.

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4x4 cam recomendations Empty Re: 4x4 cam recomendations

Post  bronco911 on August 21st 2014, 9:37 pm

The regrind crank that is listed in 4 sale section would work good for your setup, IMO, if not a daily driver but a weekend cruiser

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4x4 cam recomendations Empty cam

Post  butterbean on August 22nd 2014, 11:45 am

you need to be worried about the rebuilder pistons because they don't have enough valve relief cut into them for a big wild cam, I think the biggest you can go is about .540ish lift, then you also need to know if the heads were prepared for higher lift cam, machining down the top of the guides, then the valve springs, with the RV cam they may be ok but I would check for seat pressure and coil bind, but if you buy a cam and lifter kit it should come with the correct springs for the cam that you chose and can be replaced without removing the heads with the correct tools, good luck with your project and have fun with it.

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