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Post  gmsmkr on November 19th 2014, 11:53 am

cool40 wrote:Go out the hood! You could make them as long as you want and get all the downforce to keep it on the ground. Cool

Lol I don't think I got enough for all that just yet

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header length? - Page 2 Empty Re: header length?

Post  DanH on November 20th 2014, 6:15 am

yellowhorse7 wrote:
DanH wrote:
yellowhorse7 wrote:
dfree383 wrote:
bigblok2000ranger wrote:I have a question perhaps a stupid one but what the hell, I am gonna ask it anyways; does the g-force of acceleration negatively affect exhaust flow on a forward facing header?

I suppose if you where going fast enough it would have a ram effect.

X2. For a drag car you'll be fine. Bonneville.....not so much.

what about exhaust that exit on the (f/fender) front or rear side  of the tire?

The only thing that has been "proven" is that:

1. If the car makes enough steam then the exhaust that is exiting, providing that it is aimed in the correct direction, helps keep the front end down. Bull horns (the idea behind them....they are not new) were meant to be turnable.

2. The weight over the front tires aids as a tuning tool to help control power wheelies; ones that usually cause an "oh shit" response @ the 330 mark. It used to be that we wanted to set the motor back as close to the COG as possible but with the small tires and big power we are actually moving stuff forward.

You missed the idea of the question. Question was in reponce to front exit collecters.
you said ok for drags, B'ville .. not so much.

Question another way- What effect does air passing the collector on side exit?


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