HP gain guestimate

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HP gain guestimate

Post  Mark Laczo on February 13th 2015, 5:16 pm

Looking for some ballpark possible hp gains.

Engine details now:

500" 12.5-1 comp
Motorsport A460 heads 2.30 intake vlv mild porting
Motorsport low intake no spacer 1150 Dommy
Cam .735" Int .735" Exh 276/286 @ .050 on a 112(not an A460 style cam)
2" headers.

Engine upgrades:

Same 500" 12.5-1 comp
Fully port heads, but stay with 2.30" Int because of bore on block
Use new TFS taller A460 Intake w/port clean up same carb
Cam .810" Int .780" Exh 277/288 @ .050 on a 112 (Lem Evans Special originally for a 552" mudracer buddy)
2" headers.

Realistically looking for additional 50-75hp. What ya think ? close ?

Later Mark
Mark Laczo

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Re: HP gain guestimate

Post  dfree383 on February 13th 2015, 6:18 pm

It should hit your guess numbers on the top end no problem.

You'll lose some down low with the bigger intake and cam.

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