Block machining ???

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Block machining ??? Empty Block machining ???

Post  udelose466 on October 7th 2015, 9:29 pm

Hello all,
I don't post much but I have a question. I am getting ready to build a 429 and I have a solid roller for it. My last big block was a 466 with A-Heads and when I worked at Livernois we machined the lifter bores for bushings. We bushed the ones on (I think) the right side of the engine. It has been over a decade so my memory is using that space for other things now...can any one tell me what that purpose was? Is it necessary for a 100% street driven engine?
Thanks for any help.


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Block machining ??? Empty Re: Block machining ???

Post  bosshoss on October 8th 2015, 2:49 am

Typically the reasoning behind the pass side lifter bore bushing theory on stock blocks was/is that you are trying to isolate the pass side lifter gallery to provide priority oiling to the main bearings. In conjunction with the lifter bore bushings (with appropriately small oil bleed holes and a restrictor in the cross over to the drivers side in the valley you will slow down the amount of oil allowed to pass through the lifters and up the pushrods to the valve covers.

Some still subscribe to this theory... However there are many many stock blocks out there with no bushings and no restrictors running in high performance applications with good results...

Its all in the details..

some lifter designs are better at controlling the amount of oil that passes by, some lifters are designed to only fit in the block one way correctly, too much lifter bore clearance can cause issues, as can to little...

As with anything else... if done correctly and with some thought it works..

Similar results can be achieved in at least a few other ways that may or may not be cheaper or more cost effective..


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Block machining ??? Empty Re: Block machining ???

Post  supervel45 on October 8th 2015, 9:16 am Pretty good thread on it and the links for the tools still work. You might want to start a thread on roller lifters, seems there is some debate on them and top end oiling also.


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