Help with spec'ing out some new pistons and best (max cam) for stock D3VE's

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Help with spec'ing out some new pistons and best (max cam) for stock D3VE's

Post  skosler on November 27th 2015, 5:22 pm

Dusted off the 466 that was siting in the shop for 5-6 years.

So, it's been awhile since I messed with my old BBF, but I bought another project truck and want to freshen her up and drop her in the new project truck. I built the engine about 6-7 years ago and she ran ok, but then I pulled her and she sat in the shop for the last 5+ years. Mud daubers and even a mouse made home inside (I had the intake pulled and the cover came off, at some point).

I got her up on the engine stand and broke her down and found one cylinder that had slight pitting and one KB hyper piston that had the skirt cracked.

I found my old posts and this was the data I had 6+ years ago. With this build I was hoping to have 375-400 hp.

Since I have pitting I am going to clean that up and will probably end up going from 30 over to 60 over. I estimate my old static compression ratio to be about 9.1-9.2:1.

Based on the specs below, which piston could I go with, that would work with my zero decked block and milled heads and give me better compression ratio? I’m hoping to get her up to about 9.5-9.6+

Also, what’s that tallest/best cam that I can go with, with stock valve train?

In short,

D1VE block decked .020, balanced, bored .030, stock stroke

KB hypereurtectic (sp?) -15cc pistons. Stick out of block about .002

D3VE heads decked .020, 3 angle valve job on stock valves, intake ports smoothed out, exh ported (by me), .039 thickness head gasket for about .037 quench clearance, stock rockers

~9.15:1 comp ratio

Performer RPM intake

SUM-3501 cam Advertised Duration 276/ 286, Lift .503/ .503 (good for stock valvetrain)

holley 750 dp carb

cheap hedman headers

2.5" exh with "wide open" mufflers

straight up timing set

recurved dizzy

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