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Hey there guys Empty Hey there guys

Post  K.B.R on December 1st 2009, 12:14 am

A repost from the other forum incase you reconize it.

My name is Erik.The K.B.R stands for "king bench racer" as I like to think I talk more than I do.I have never built an engine or done anything special to a car.
I am not completely brand loyal as I would love to build all engines to learn them all.I do love the Mighty Ford above all though,wheather it be the flat head or the BBF.I have always liked the fact that there is more of a varity of engines from Ford and there is more to learn from.

I am mostly on here taking notes and subscribing to learn from.

As my avatar show,I am in a wheelchair.Had an auto accident a few years ago.

Just to add though.
What are some good books to get that have good details on maintanence,rebuilding and high performance engine building?
For a personal library.

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Hey there guys Empty Re: Hey there guys

Post  bruno on December 1st 2009, 1:10 pm

welcome Erik good to have you on board Wink

coming soon x275 build .........
thanks to all my sponsors :


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