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Post  Lazarustorino on March 15th 2016, 7:47 pm

Its been quite a while since I originally posted.  I've since bought two 460 blocks with the same casting numbers, One was just a bare block, .060 over.  I've since had that block sonic tested and bored out to .080 over, decked, new cam bearings and freeze plugs and a coat of paint.  The second I bought as a complete assembly minus the carb and oil pump.  It had an edlebrock 460 performer dual plane intake on it when I went to look at it, managed to talk the guy down to 400 bucks.  lol.  Got it home, tore it down and found a Holbrook racing balanced crank, cobra jet rods, dual roller timing set, a mystery cam with the numbers ground off, and its bored to .030 over with dished forged pistons.  Got a hell of a deal on that beast.  My intention is to get the almost complete one back running as quick and cheap as possible, then work on the 557 stroker in the mean time.  Had to take the crank in for bit of grind and polish work, and working on freshening up the rest of it now.  The heads are dismal at best... d3ve castings, big chamber, rusted to hell on the inside of the runners where something was almost certainly living.  So now I'm looking  for a set of closed chamber heads... no luck yet.  I'm hoping to get it together and the car moving under its own power again by june.

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Post  Mike R on March 15th 2016, 9:43 pm

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