Watch Those .25 Cent Parts

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Watch Those .25 Cent Parts Empty Watch Those .25 Cent Parts

Post  supervel45 on March 28th 2016, 9:33 pm

Had a few 21 year old plus valve seals I was replacing and grabbed some supposedly 460 valve stem seals I got from a member of the 460 Ford site with a cam and some other parts I bought. I was showing my Son how to check valve seal clearance and taking some pictures for you guys here, and installing my new valve springs. When I put the calipers on to measure the new seals I noticed all my clearance was gone. I new when I checked them before I had much more clearance. Turns out the new seals I had were much thicker as can be seen in the pics. Glad I caught that, and it was mainly because we were talking pictures and showing the boy that I did. Back to the machine shop or the parts store as I could not find any of the proper ones in my other stashes but, I found my long lost 351 Cleveland 4V Valves though, so it's all good.


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