Maintaining alcohol fueled engines

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Maintaining alcohol fueled engines Empty Maintaining alcohol fueled engines

Post  PanaVet on July 6th 2016, 12:01 pm

What are your after the race and over the winter procedures for combating corrosion in a alcohol fueled motor with a carburetor?

Thanks in advance.


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Maintaining alcohol fueled engines Empty Re: Maintaining alcohol fueled engines

Post  away on July 6th 2016, 3:07 pm

1) Best method-Drain all alcohol from fuel cell and lines put on a gas carb and run car for a few minutes. Store alcohol carb with wd-40 in bowls and squirters.

If you can't do this or don't have another gas carb at least do one of the following

2) next best method-Drain all alcohol and run with gas and let it run super fat and blubber around a bit holding the throttle open some so it will run and blubber around until you are sure everything is filled with gas then shut down and store with gas in everything.

3) if you can't do any of the above or If you are only storing for like 3 months or so just leave the alky in the cell and just drain the carb and fill the bowls with WD-40 and press squirters until you know WD-40 is coming out the fogg engine with petroleum storage fogger spray.

If you are running Ron's injection it gets easier......just pull the car in the garage and run extra lube in the fuel cell and shut down as normal....maybe put a little oil in the pump but thats it.

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Maintaining alcohol fueled engines Empty Re: Maintaining alcohol fueled engines

Post  whatbumper on July 7th 2016, 12:28 am

With efi we just drain the tank and put pump gas in cell.  Start motor and idle a bit.  We also hook vacuum to valve cover and let it run for a while with our oil heater on.   We don't change the oil often but I don't waste a lot of alcohol either.

I'd assume carb would be very similar.


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