iron scj 429 build - rpm needed for ~600 hp

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iron scj 429 build - rpm needed for ~600 hp Empty iron scj 429 build - rpm needed for ~600 hp

Post  ChrisH on August 25th 2016, 10:27 pm

like the title alludes to, if one uses a set of capable scj iron heads (well ported) what kind of rpm would be needed for a 429" motor to reach 600hp.

and is this possible with a solid flat tappet cam for street use and an iron SCJ intake.
no vacuum limits as there are manual disks

this is not a rules racing thing but instead I want to build a max effort factory iron street motor.
I have the heads, intake, block, crank - all the factory parts that will be used. the heads should flow in the high 300s (370 range) and about 200-210 exhaust.
the exhaust will not have to deal with shock towers but will have a proper header exit before it turns down.

I know I can stroke this thing and hit this mark, but I am building a 572 "A" head motor for that side of things. I want this to be factory iron build with modern cam and valve train to see what these castings can do.

I do realize 1.4:1 is pushing it and may be an asinine thought. a realistic deal would probably be more in line with 500-525 1.25:1, but before I started sourcing parts I figured I would get some opinions.



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iron scj 429 build - rpm needed for ~600 hp Empty Re: iron scj 429 build - rpm needed for ~600 hp

Post  rmcomprandy on August 25th 2016, 11:02 pm

Around 7,000 - 7,250 should get you there with a 1,050 carb, 4150 type.  A single plane intake would ease the effort because less camshaft being required would also deliver more torque.


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