HFD GARAGE CLEANOUT #1: Heads, Cams, Rods, Pistons

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HFD GARAGE CLEANOUT #1: Heads, Cams, Rods, Pistons

Post  Paul Kane on August 30th 2016, 10:22 pm

Garage cleanout, all prices are "plus shipping" unless otherwise noted, I will consider multi-purchase discounting.  Pictures available via email.  Offers will be considered so feel free to call me if you want to make one.


OEM 6.605" Double Dimple Rods, don't bother reconditioning your 100,000-mile rods, these are the best and stongest OEM truck rods ever produced and they are Brand New In Box: $---

OEM Rods Are Sold


Eagle H-beam rods, BBF ends, 6.605" C-to-C, quantity of 6, some have nicks but so what blend 'em out and run 'em.  New Eagle rods are $70 each.  Get your spares here:  $XXX

H-Beam Rods Are Sold


HFD 460 forged flat top pistons, basically a private label Probe p/n 10661-060 that accommodates a budget-friendly 5/64" ring package, brand new in box, pins and clips included, for 4.42" bore. This is probably the best brand new 2618 forged flat top 460 piston deal out there:  $---

HFD Pistons Are Sold


Probe's replacement forged flat top pistons for FRPP crate motors, BBF pin, 1.532" c/h, for 4.44" bore, with pins and clips, bang-for-buck stroker piston pricing: $---

FRPP Crate Motor Pistons Are Sold


Ford SVO A429 Cobra Jet Aluminum Heads, this is a really nice pair of the correctly machined SVO A429 aluminum heads (s/n's >5000), unported, complete with 1.900" studs, 3/8" guide plates, stainless 2.20" intake valves (Ferrea), stainless A429-style tulip 1.76" exhaust valves, solid roller valve springs, 2.050" installed height, titanium retainers, dyno time only. $----

A429 Heads Are Sold


Camonics X32 solid flat tappet camshaft, 0.550"/0.550" lift, 260*/260*@0.050" duration: $-- shipped anywhere in the United States.

X32 Cam is Sold


Camonics STX hydraulic flat tappet camshaft, 0.488"/0.488" lift, 288*/288* advertised duration (uncertain of dur@0.050" but probably somewhere between 242-248): $-- shipped anywhere in the United States.

STX Cam is Sold

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