All Aluminum Yates 377- sell or trade for BBF parts

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All Aluminum Yates 377- sell or trade for BBF parts

Post  fastashley on September 30th 2016, 4:53 pm

Block- Dart aluminum 9.2 splayed 4 bolt. 2.25 mains (302), 4.145 bore , 50mm roller cam bearings, wet or dry. 2 small repairs, never blown $2500
Top- Yates CNC C3, New valves and springs, 2.10/1.65, T&D shaft system used one weekend, port matched Roush intake $3500
Rotating- Bryant billet crank 3.500, 2.00 rod, 2.25 main. Arrow lightweight billet steel rods 6.200, 530g. NEW Racetec pistons, pins, rings. $2500
Meziere pump $250
Canton dry pan $200
Canton wet pan dented $150
Ati damper $250
Crower severe duty lifters with sleeve bearing, fresh from Crower $500
50mm roller cam .750/.765 .256/.262 @ .050 $250
Carrillo, Lentz, Lunati, billet rods
A451 block, G351 block
Billet Cleveland rotating
Yates and Cleveland Pistons

A460 block
A460 heads
C460 heads
572, 598 rotating
4.500 crank, 6.700/6.800 rods (not Eagle) A460/C460 pistons


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