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New guy in N. Cali Empty New guy in N. Cali

Post  AnotherRedBeard on January 21st 2017, 12:39 am

Hello, new to the site but have referenced it quite a bit over the last year. I grew up around Chevys but came across a pre-smog 1973 F-100 that I couldn't pass up, then came up on a 460 that we installed. Just had headers, RPM intake and Holley 750 for a while. Last month I came across some C8ve heads that are currently at the shop so things are starting to get serious. Cam showed up today from Summit. Some of the big write-ups on this site have helped with picking parts/things to watch for, so now as my first engine build gets rollin I figured it was a good time to join.

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New guy in N. Cali Empty Re: New guy in N. Cali

Post  bruno on January 21st 2017, 7:18 am

welcome to the site and enjoy !!

coming soon x275 build .........
thanks to all my sponsors :

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