2 sets of pistons Sold

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2 sets of pistons Sold

Post  Skipped_link on April 6th 2017, 2:55 pm


First set are really nice used KB860-060, Forged Keith Black, before they started building them under the Icon name, they are the same thing as an IC860-060 you would buy now,
.060 over, 22cc dish, 1.350 compression height, (6.800 rod with a 4.300 crank, or 6.700 rod with a 4.500 crank) standard valve layout, includes spacer rings, wrist pins & half set of locks/retainers still in the pistons, $400+shipping
Second set are brand new Probe flat tops 10671-060, Again, .060 over, but with 3cc dish, & 1.250 CH, (6.800 rod, 4.500 crank, or 6.900 rod & 4.300 crank) Standard valve layout,
Includes new spacer rings, but no wrist pins & no locks/retainers,
Pistons are located in northern NV,

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Post  cjzender on February 2nd 2018, 3:02 am

pm sent


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