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Post  Paul Kane on April 14th 2017, 3:44 pm

C460 Heads Are Sold

Professionally ported Ford Racing C460 cylinder heads, part number M-6049-C460 .

These heads were ported and flowed by Ford engine builder and regular Engine Masters finalist Mark Mckeown. The computer of the MME Racing flow bench has since been replaced and the flow data is gone, but they are professionally ported nonetheless.  The 533 upon which they were used made 950 hp with a smallish 260@0.050" roller cam, single carb, pump gas compression ratio, etc. If you are building a bigger engine then these heads could work well and easily support 4-figure hp with the more typical 598-632 cubes, steeper seat angles, higher compression, big cam, tunnel ram, etc. They will need typical machining and prep, such as would any brand new set.

New bare C460 castings on eBay are averaging $1200 each, which is $2400 per pair. And once you receive those as-cast heads you will still have to spend about $1000 for necessary port work. That adds up to $3400 for ported C460 castings. Here is a ported pair where we're asking just $1700--that's basically half price of a new pair with port work and frees up the other $--- for you to use elsewhere in your engine build.

I do have some other associated components such as Ti valves, Manley NexTek springs, etc, that I can offer separate of this sale or thrown in as part of a package deal.

Interested parties please contact me directly.  Also, I am unable to load pics to this website so please feel free to email me for pictures if seriously interested. Pics also viewable on Chilly's site.


C460 Heads Are Sold
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