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Post  Rtabares on May 12th 2017, 1:13 am

Hi I'm Rick from Firebaugh California. I have a 1975 ford f150 that I'm thinking about putting in a 460 from a 1978 Ford Chateau Rv. The guy selling it is asking $200 with the tranny and engine complete. It's been sitting for awhile and has rat crap on top. Not to familiar with the 460. What will I need to do the swap and what upgrades should I do to engine while it's out... Thank you!


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Post  supervel45 on May 12th 2017, 1:23 am

Take the motor mounts and frame perch's if you get it. They may or may not work on you truck but, you can check when you get a chance. Get an early 1971 or late fuel injected straight up timing set. They make adapter motor mounts for the conversion also from 351M to 460 but, you likely had a 302 360 or 390 in 1975. If the engine does not have many mines and the antifreeze was maintained you likely will not need to do much to it.

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