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Post  NITROUS FORD on June 27th 2017, 11:01 pm

just was on yb and was looking at a guys nos tuneup on a 40 to 51 fogger jet system and to my amazsment somebody posted the there full jet and flow sheet for there bbc Rolling Eyes which was cool to see for those who haven't sent there stuff to get flowed yet. I know bbc stuff tuneups are way different than bbf with a460 heads like mind! was wondering if any of you bbf guys with a460 heads with 598-605 ci with jet and flow sheets could post them, would love to look at them to study and see the difference between bbc and bbf tuneups. from 24 to 51 with flow sheets and bottle pressures! not trying to free load, just didn't want to ask the bbc guys on yb about a bbf a460 headed motor when ive been getting all my answers for years over here about bbf stuff! would appreciate it if you can! if not I understand will shooting my engine real soon and I only want answers from you guys! thanks again Very Happy


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nos tuneups! Empty Re: nos tuneups!

Post  68formalGT on June 28th 2017, 10:14 am

Subscribing. I've got the same combo being built and an Induction Solutions Sledgehammer plate.

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