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programmable msd question Empty programmable msd question

Post  swoodman23 on July 26th 2017, 4:56 pm

hi all,

question.... I have an MSD 6530 programmable unit, its been on the car running fine when I was using the distributor and vacuum for advance curve, I just didnt pull anything out using the MSD software.

I recently locked out all advance on distributor so I could use the MSD for the timing curve. the distributor is locked out at 35. I have curve pulling out 23 degrees from 0-1000rpm (i know it seems like a lot - more on that in a second), then I ramp up to 0 retard from 2300rpm upward.

the engine starts and seems to run ok, I've only done driveway launches and theres no bog or hesitation or anything, I havent been out for drive yet.

my question is... This is my first time using the MSD software, so I wanted to double check timing on the balancer to see what it was doing. the engine has the factory balancer on it. when the RMPS are up above 2300, its right on 35 (0 retard in MSD) so that makes sense to me. When idling about 900 the balancer shows about 18 - this is my question. since im pulling 23 in MSD, shouldnt idle timing be about 12? Has someone seen this mismatch before? Im just not sure which one to believe.

I know MSD has forums but Ive been waiting two days to be approved to post, so thought ID just throw it out here and see if someone has seen this before and if Im missing something stupid.



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programmable msd question Empty Re: programmable msd question

Post  Mustang-junky on July 27th 2017, 8:54 pm

Do you have a step in the timing curve or does it taper off as RPMs go up? You can call MSD directly, they will answer your questions. Guy I spoke to about this stuff a few years ago was good at explaining it to me.


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