I am Looking for an FE 427 Crankshaft

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I am Looking for an FE 427 Crankshaft

Post  Keoneeli1 on March 11th 2018, 2:26 am

Hey there,

I posted this on the FE column, instead of the " WTB " column.

Well, anyways, I am looking to buy a 427 FE crankshaft, but not the SCJ 427 crank, the 427 FE crankshaft, the one with the dollar sign stamped into the crank. There are no part numbers, just a dollar sign.

So, I am not looking for the SCJ crankshaft, which is $800, I would like to have the dollar sign stamped into crank, please!

Any one that has an idea where a 427 FE crankshaft is, depending on your price, I would be willing to trade the crank for some GT40 aluminium heads, loaded with with new valves, guides, seals ( the good seals, that don't come up with the bottom valve spring retainer! )

Which is a problem with 5.0 302 V8, SBF.

Thanks for your time, and, hopefully your help!

David ( Keoneeli1 ) Cawdrey


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