A bad weekend racing is better than a good weekend at work

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A bad weekend racing is better than a good weekend at work

Post  t-bird racer on August 27th 2018, 12:22 pm

So, I raced at the IHRA sportsman spectacular this past weekend.  

One time run,  Electric shifter did not shift on time, car nosed over, so I get back to the pits, scramble, disconnect the shifter, and decide Ill
shift no biggie. Pull out some past time slims and decide to dial 5.99.  I had a .020 light ran 5.993.  My opponent was .015 and broke out
by .002.  Woo Hoo, first round win.  

Second round I was .022 dead on 5.994  and was mathematically ineligible, to his .005 Package.  .005 light,  dead on with a ZERO.  LOL

New Day, no time run,  Dial and go.  I was .025 and ran a  6.01 on a 6.00 and lost to a .010 pack.  LOL  

I bought back in,  and was in next pair in the water box and they shut us off for a minor clean up.  Well then the starter shit the bed,  engine
would not turn over.  My opponent got a Broke Bye.  Pushed back to the Pits.  

Oh Well,  At least It we beautiful weather,and the kids were hanging out with the old man.  I saw a bunch of old friends.  

The Winch sure came in handy!
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