55 ford body questions

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55 ford body questions Empty 55 ford body questions

Post  Rickytx630 on June 9th 2019, 6:06 pm

not sure where to post this since its more of a body question but i figured here would be best.

what im looking to do is build a new car and use a 55 ford fairlane body, build the old jukebox style promod that was shortly lived in the early 90's. i know bickel racecars were the only ones to originally build the car, when i called them they told me if i could a molding/body and i had it shipped they would do the car. now the only ones i know who does so or even offer a body in that style is suncoast racecars, ive tried calling multiple times and all i get is richard is out of the office, they take my number and he will call me back, this been about 3 months now, im not bashing them, i just would like to build a car that ives always liked since i was a kid, plus it would be nice to be different then everyone else. does someone know of anyone with the molding? or where i could get a body made? glass or carbon


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55 ford body questions Empty Re: 55 ford body questions

Post  DILLIGASDAVE on June 10th 2019, 4:50 am

That's interesting. I knew that Wizner's Mega Ford P/M was originally built by Suncoast, so I just figured that the JukeBox P/M was too.

Building your own one-off body won't be cheap. IIRC back in the day it was either the Mega Ford P/M, or the Christine P/M, that the many factory body modifications, the fiberglass mold pulled from the modified factory body, and the first 'glass body out of the mold had a combined cost of $140,000 in the end.

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