Fast XFI training

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Fast XFI training

Post  whatbumper on April 7th 2010, 10:48 am

I have no part of this but I am just relaying information if anyone here is interested. Sorry for the format but this is just copy and paste.

FAST™️ XFI™️ Fuel Injection Training Course Open For Enrollment
FAST™️ teams up with EFI University to create new training course in fuel injection
technology specific to the popular XFI™️ Fuel Injection
FAST™️ and EFI University of Temecula, California, have joined together to hold a series of
special, one day training courses covering the fundamentals of setting up and tuning with the
FAST™️ XFI™️ Fuel Injection System.
The courses will be taught by accomplished EFI instructor and author Ben Strader; racer and
tuning guru Brian Macy; and members of the FAST™️ technical support staff. Designed for
seasoned tuners and first timers alike, the courses will take an in-depth look at everything from
phasing the distributor to gaining an advantage at the track with the XFI™️ optional Intelligent
Traction Control™️ feature.
There are four classes planned for 2010 with the first taking place on May 8th at the COMP
Performance Group™️ R&D facility in Memphis, TN, and the second on June 26th at Westech
Performance in Mira Loma, CA. The dates and locations for classes three and four have yet to be
determined but they will be announced on the FAST™️ website at Registration for any of the classes can also be handled via the
FAST™️ website, along with class details.
“The technical foundation I received from the EFI 101 course and the EFI Advanced
course was the basis for my success in our technical and sales department. This is why
I’m so excited about what the XFI Fuel Injection Training Course will offer XFI
installers and tuners.”
– David Page, COMP Cams®️ and FAST™️ Performance Account Manager
There is a registration fee of $495.00 with each class limited to no more than twenty-five people.
In addition to the knowledge gained and certificate of accomplishment earned, attendees will
also make personal contacts with FAST™️ technicians and engineers for follow-up support.
For more information about the FAST™️ XFI™️ Fuel Injection Training Course or any FAST™️
product, call us at 1-877-334-8355, or visit us online at To register, visit


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