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Hello just another introduction Empty Hello just another introduction

Post  PFM-64f100 on August 26th 2009, 4:58 pm

Hello all I don't post to much around here but I do have a slick with a 460 in it. Had the truck for almost 10 years now and the BB has been runing in it at least 9 of those years. It is a mild build piston and cam updates along with some other minor changes (mild porting, etc). The block and heads are from a 1970 engine I love those good old Dove heads.

My side project on this slick is to convert it to FI. I am following BigBlock ranger's coat tails on the convertion. I still havn't figured out if I want to squirt it or just chip a mustang 5.0 ECC. Like I said that is the side project right now next to the crewcab (65).

I do like it here and we will see what becomes of the other site.

Older pic of my plant
Hello just another introduction IMG_4511

I have learned more about the 460 from this site (& the other) than my buddy knew when he helped me build this engine. One day (hopefully a long while still) I will put that knowledge to good use.

If you want to check out my other projects they are here http://www.purpleflyingmonkey.com


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Hello just another introduction Empty Re: Hello just another introduction

Post  bruno on August 26th 2009, 5:17 pm

cool man thxs for joing us Very Happy

coming soon x275 build .........
thanks to all my sponsors :


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Hello just another introduction Empty Re: Hello just another introduction

Post  Old blue Racin Team on August 26th 2009, 6:13 pm

Old blue Racin Team
Old blue Racin Team

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