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C4 No forward gears

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C4 No forward gears - Page 2 Empty Re: C4 No forward gears

Post  whitefield July 28th 2012, 10:06 pm

Tommyj466 wrote:Well, I pulled the tranny Friday night. Found one sealing ring on the stator support dislodged, but nothing else. Clutches and seals in forward clutch were OK. Upgraded planet to PA 6 pinion while I had it apart. Fired it up while ago and all appears to be good. Thanks for the replies!


Glad you found the problem ! cheers

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C4 No forward gears - Page 2 Empty Re: C4 No forward gears

Post  466cj July 30th 2012, 12:54 am

richter69 wrote:that will do it, if it wasba teflon ring you have to make sure the scarf cuts are put together right.

Some vaseline or transmission assembly lube works great to keep the cut ends in the groove. Personally I always used the cast rings on C-4's. I know some say the teflon is better, but never had a problem either... of course never found a problem with the three gear front planet with the torrington bearings either. Seems one can spend a lot money on parts upgrades.


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