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Manual Transmission SFI bellhousings

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Manual Transmission SFI bellhousings Empty Manual Transmission SFI bellhousings

Post  blown473 October 15th 2012, 10:48 pm

Well it's not looking good for the 385 series engines when it comes to legal scattershields. Lakewood has discontinued the 15220, and since Lakewood and Quicktime are both owned by the same parent company,(Prestolite) the only option for an off the self steel housing is Quicktime at roughly double the cost of the older Lakewood unit, and even though Quicktimes unit claims to have passed SFI testing, it does not come with an SFI cert. Someone here said for an additional $90 they will cert it, but their bell already costs $600, compared to Lakewoods new cost that was $380. So around $700 + shipping. I will keep looking for a used Lakewood thanks.....Customer service at Jegs confirmed Quicktime's unit does not come with SFI cert like Lakewood's did. Might have to do what some builders do that have no SFI available for their engine family, build an external shield around the factory housing, plenty of room under my truck.....and steel is cheap.....

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