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460 race parts

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460 race parts Empty 460 race parts

Post  bb429power May 19th 2014, 11:29 pm

I need some parts for my 460 ASAP, and I'm getting them wether they are used or new. I want this engine together right away. I need:
Harmonic balancer
164 tooth flexplate
6.605 connecting rods (I'll probably buy these new)
Single plane dominator flange intake of some sort
Cam and lifters, possibly springs. I need a solid flat tappet or mainly a solid roller.
Possibly windage tray and/or front sump oil pan

This is a high compression 110/E85 setup, I pulled the engine and I'm replacing bearings but I want to make it go faster while its out. Already a very healthy engine, in a 3450 pound fairlane.

Message me or post here with anything you may have. I'm itching to order everything, I want as minimal down time as possible. I'd like to have enough power to pull the wheels in all reality, I'd like a 10 second car

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460 race parts Empty Re: 460 race parts

Post  bluef100fe May 20th 2014, 10:49 am

Justin, what pistons are you going to be using? Do they require full floating pins or pressed? I have a set of eagle SIR rods if your using factory style pistons that don't use spiral locks... Might have a solid flat tappet cam/lifters from comp cams and also possibly a used solid roller cam/lifters if you choose to go that route... If your interested in any of this stuff let me know... I might have some of the other stuff also if I do some digging...

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