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1962 Ford Fairlane 25.5 Project

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1962 Ford Fairlane 25.5 Project Empty 1962 Ford Fairlane 25.5 Project

Post  Injected65 May 29th 2015, 12:37 pm

1962 Ford Fairlane 25.5 Project IMG_1011

I bought this 1962 Ford Fairlane as an uncompleted 25.5 Roller. Unfortunately due to buying a new home I am unable to see this project through to completion. Here is a chance for someone to buy this and complete it to fit their needs and have a cool unique race car.

Rear Suspension: I cut out the factory rear tubs in preparation of fitting some 315 radials. 275 will fit currently but it will need the rear frame rails sectioned before the 315s will fit comfortably. The car was previously set up as a ladder bar car. I have a 9" housing with heavy duty ladder bar brackets and all of the heims, tubing and tube ends to fabricate up a set of very heavy duty ladder bars. I have a set of Willwood racing brakes for the rear. I have a set of 15X12" Monocouque rear wheels with some slightly used M/T 315 radials.

Front Suspension: The front suspension has been cut out of the car in preparation of a BBF engine. In its place is a welded in Mustang II front cross member and tubular arms from Rod & Custom Motorsports. Included are 10" Mustang II front disc brakes. I have a set of brand new Weld Pro Star front wheels with some 25 or 26" front runners for mock up.

Cage: The car has a Moly cage in it that is probably 80% finished to 25.5 specs. To finish it for 25.5 you will need to complete the rear down bars behind the main hoop. My idea was to take it from here and upgrade the cage to 25.3 specs. This will mean adding some gussets to the dash bar and upgrading a few floor bars and adding an x bar in the roof as well as the rear section of the cage. I have tubing and a bender that can also be bought to do this.

Body: The body is really pretty straight. There is some evidence of prior rust in the fenders (bondo) and a few spots of bondo on the roof. The quarters are really nice with only a few quarter sized rust spots that could easily be fixed. When I bought the car I got a ton of extra trim and chrome. There should be plenty to fully outfit the car if a person wanted to. The car was bought with no floors. I have bought new sheet metal for the toe boards and the front and rear floor boards. I was not able to find OEM trans tunnel metal so I was just going to form up some form sheet. I have the patch panels from where the shock towers were.

A title is available for this car.

Pictures can be found here...

$4000 picked up in Salina KS 67401

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