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Glide pressures?

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Glide pressures? Empty Glide pressures?

Post  David Cole August 7th 2015, 12:41 pm

I'm going to pull my transmission for a freshen up. Nothing really wrong, just preventive maint. 200+ passes in a 2950 lb car with 1100 hp. Only issue at all is small. It will roll forward just a little when on the brake once the trans gets really hot (round robin close to final round)

Before pulling it I hooked up a pressure gauge to check the condition of the pump. Anyone see any issues?

with fluid warm, but not hot:

Servo port:
1000 rpm idle in low
190-200 psi (bouncing needle) hit T-brake, bounces off ~30 psi and right back to 190-200 fairly quickly.

1500-1600 rpm (like staging rpm)
210-215 psi, hit the T-brake and it bounces off 40-45 psi and rebounds VERY quickly to the same 210-215

reverse piston port:
1500-1600 rpm, 0 psi then jumps up to the same 210-215 on hit the T-brake.

Trans is a JW Ultra Case, stock pump with new gears when built, all other internals are BTE as advised by Transman (RIP)
Transbrake is a BTE Pro Tree cast iron, one of the ones that is an all new casting with no oem parts.

Going to pull it tomorrow, freshen it and send the converter to FTI for a freshen up too.
David Cole
David Cole

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Glide pressures? Empty Re: Glide pressures?

Post  richter69 August 8th 2015, 9:59 am

If the band and directs look good that pressure seems to work for you, if not then it may be time to bring it up some.... But if you do the servo spring may need to be replaced also.

Make sure the pump gears, pump face and surface of the stator half are in good shape, also make sure the rev clutch clearance is no more than .060... If its way loose that could be some of your issues.

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Glide pressures? Empty Re: Glide pressures?

Post  bosshoss August 8th 2015, 12:56 pm

Previous to my latest trans upgrade/rebuild those were pretty normal numbers and responses. My tranny guy bumped my main pressure up to 250 last time around but otherwise it responds the same way during shifts etc.

I have noticed that sometimes if you are staging at a dead idle the car will rock as you stomp on the gas. especially if your clutch pack clearance is high. seems like the pump has trouble moving the piston at low rpm.


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