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460 / Toploader questions

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460 / Toploader questions Empty 460 / Toploader questions

Post  71torino460 September 20th 2016, 2:22 pm

I have a 460 that I am building for a 1971 Torino. I plan on changing the crank to 500+ CID, and the HP will be 650-700. Gear will be 3.50-3.73
For the build, I have a CR short shaft toploader and a C6 available to use.

The C6 is in need of a total rebuild. High mileage and sat for 15 years.

The top loader...
I have been scouring the forum and other sites as well to find out:
1. - Can use the CR short shaft with the BBF? Is there a bell housing to make it happen?
2. - Would the CR be a good match for drivability with the BBF?
3. - Will it hold up under 700 HP?
4. - Will the shifter be located 3" forward than normal? If so, is there a kit to mount it further back on the trans so it will come up through the floor in the right location?
From what I have been reading, all CR toploaders were the 1 3/8" shaft variety. Is this a fact?
I bought this one from Dan Williams in Miami during the early 80's. I paid 350.00 for it used and then had it rebuilt again a few years later. It is in good shape. It has been in garage storage since 1992. I also have a brand new (in box) competition plus 4 speed shifter I bought in the late 80's for it as well.
Dan Williams said it came out of a 1969 Boss 302 car, but I am skeptical about that. If true, would the matching number be sought after?
The trans is in storage at my sons house and I am going to get some pictures.
I used the CR toploader in a 1966 mustang with tall gears (4.30) and it was a lot of fun to drive.
I would like that as my first option for the Torino. The torque of the BB shouldn't stumble with a more moderate 3.73 gear?
Thanks for any advice.


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460 / Toploader questions Empty Re: 460 / Toploader questions

Post  TommyK September 21st 2016, 9:30 am

As far as I know the Boss 302 used the same CR top loader that was used in any other application in which it was available. That transmission would only be worth a premium to the guy who has the car that matches the partial VIN that should be stamped in it.


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