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Winter Garage Sale

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Winter Garage Sale Empty Winter Garage Sale

Post  QtrWarrior December 26th 2017, 11:17 pm

Clearing the shelves, pics available on request ( damn photobucket....)

NEW 10 JE pistons for "A" head, 4.50" bore, Flattop with 1 relief.1/16, 1/16, 3/16 ring package.
                1.390" CH for 4.250 stroke/ 6.800 rod. Can be flycut for use with 4.300/6.800 combo.
                Also, 1 set Total Seal rings for above pistons AND 4.500" tapered ring compressor included.
                                                               $500 plus shipping

Comp Cams Valvesprings, # 26082-16 with Comp #735 Ti retainers ( 10* x 11/32)
                            Dyno time only       SOLD

BG King Demon, 1095 with "extra"parts AND a set of the 1195 sleeves
            Ran good when taken off, been sitting on shelf, could stand a a rebuild
Carrillo 6.800" rods , 7 used , 1 new , matched set .990" pin , 2.2 BBC rod journal.
                              Lost 1 to a spun bearing in the 555" hence the 1 new rod.
                              7 used ones have been magged.
                                                           $600 plus shipping

As I said, pics available on request. Will answer any & all questions...
Note to PayPal users...Fees will be added to price of parts....

Thanks for looking !!!

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