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Shifting by Time/RPM

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Shifting by Time/RPM Empty Shifting by Time/RPM

Post  t-bird racer April 1st 2018, 1:49 pm

I'm going to be re-installing my electric  shifter this season.

I forget what time out from trans brake release that it should shift.  I want to say 2.0--2.2 ??  

521 Naturally Aspirated 1.27-1.29 Sixty.

1.80 gear set Glide  5500 stall  usually shift 6700 and cross the line at 7000-7100  in the quarter.

4.30 gear

31X14 Slicks

Does this 2.0-2.1 sound like a good starting point???

Thanks in advance
t-bird racer
t-bird racer

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Shifting by Time/RPM Empty Re: Shifting by Time/RPM

Post  pmrphil April 1st 2018, 7:01 pm

Might be a touch early, but better safe than sorry. I'd say it's a good place to start, as long as you're able to watch the tach and see where it shifts. Won't be much more than 100 ft., long way to lug the engine until it's off the converter. On the plus side, it won't knock the tires off at the shift. Cool


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