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5.70 index

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5.70 index Empty 5.70 index

Post  Tommyj466 July 2nd 2018, 8:50 am

So I got my pig to make the 6.0 index races in the heat. However, the index races around here are now either 6.50 or 5.70. My car is 3165 with me in it. Its a 521 with trick flow 325's out of the box .726 roller, flat tops, victor and 1150 dominator through a glide with 4.88 gears. It has run 5.87 in good air and is good for 5.97 to 6.00 right now in the heat. I've never run Nitrous and I don't really want to now......but, how hard would it be to pick up 2-3 tenths on spray? Could I get there with a 100 -150 shot? How about spraying high gear only?

My other consideration is the mafia intake and Alky, but I doubt that will get me there. What do yall think


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5.70 index Empty Re: 5.70 index

Post  dfree383 July 2nd 2018, 8:54 am

The alky would be better for consistency and in the heat, but its not going to get you any giant gains.

A Small Plate shot would get you into the 5.70 range with out a lot of effort.

Also look at sheading weight.

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