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2 engines, 1 car,,,,,,

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2 engines, 1 car,,,,,, Empty 2 engines, 1 car,,,,,,

Post  Myjack August 21st 2018, 12:36 pm

I recently found a 69 429 engine with C6 attached. It's a 2bbl intake with C9VE-A casting heads.

The engine was in a barn for decades, plugs out when I looked at it.

It was froze.

Overall - the heads have a couple burnt exhaust valves - its a safe bet seats, guides, springs & keepers and at least exhaust valves - probably intakes. Anything I'm missing? Planned camshaft will be under .600 lift

The cylinders/pistons look good, so far no disturbing findings. I got the crank to turn - still need to disassemble the bottom end for inspection .

The engine has a missing freeze plug and a broken motor mount - not sure if either is related to the motor being pulled. Power steering pump also dented. I have used a couple engines from wrecked cars with that issue, - maybe.

The trans will upgrade to manual shift, reverse pattern. Im told that transmission will hold a strong 429 or a blown 460

Any pitfalls I'm missing?



Thanks guys!


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2 engines, 1 car,,,,,, Empty Re: 2 engines, 1 car,,,,,,

Post  manofmerc August 22nd 2018, 6:08 am

You have a good package to build on .With the missing freeze plug look carefully for a cracked block .A 460 crankshaft will give you 31 additional cubes and make piston selection easier .Those are good heads and with port and valve work become better heads.And that c-6 is a tough nut to crack! What do you plan with this engine what vehicle do you intend to install it in? More info goes a long way. afro


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2 engines, 1 car,,,,,, Empty Re: 2 engines, 1 car,,,,,,

Post  Myjack August 22nd 2018, 12:41 pm

Hello Manofmerc, thanks for stopping by.

It is bound for the Model A coupe.

I'm thinking clean and check, update heads, valves, springs, guide plates and rockers. Nothing special, stock pistons, lil mo camshaft, but under .600 lift.
The pan still has oil in it, no coolant or visible water on dipstick. Rust scale present though.  I'll keep the 429 as backup or if I get kicked of the drag strip under 10sec. & no roll cage with the blower engine.
The car weighs about 2600, with 4.10 posi- should run better for sure.  I don't want to put a bunch of money in this one ,  there is more.

Car has an anemic 73 Lincoln 460.  While the 460 is out, I really want to build it and top it with a blower maybe alum heads and a stroker - just for 500 CI BBF  bragging rights

My transmission guy says after some beefing, I may need to change torque converter, but it will take either engine.

And I'm in Denver so we loose some performance due to altitude.

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