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Rocker studs

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Rocker studs  Empty Rocker studs

Post  stanger68 October 6th 2018, 6:13 pm

Just how much oil can get by the rocker studs on TFS A460 Heads? I spent 2 days on dyno chasing a howling sound and oilin the intake. It’s getting so much oil up top the exhaust ports were wet when we finally gave up and pulled it off. Compression is good leak down on all cylinders was 3-4% total seal gapless rings gapped at : top .032 , 2nd- .029,.030 , oil rings - .020 .

Changed intake gaskets even though they had a good imprint all the way around all ports. Cam and lifters looked good. Sealed the rocker studs with Teflon tape and pipe dope. The noise could be the Torrington bearing on the cam gear? But I’m baffled on the oil part. I was about to start tearing it down to see if I had a broke ring but thought I’d ask you guys first. There is enough oil in the ports to make a small puddle on a closed valve.


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