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Cam, Lifter, Spring Ford 460 Cj

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Cam, Lifter, Spring Ford 460 Cj Empty Cam, Lifter, Spring Ford 460 Cj

Post  Gregdacrack September 15th 2019, 11:03 am

Hello everyone. Im overhaulin an 460 right now. It has oem D00e-r Heads and i bought it assemblyd with an Comp Cam Magnum 34-331-4 280h hydraulic flat Camshaft. I think the Heads are assemblyd with their oem Cj Spring.
Im not that sure if the Spring can handle that Cam and im also a bit afraid about the Break in Procedere.
Now im thinking about buying an hydraulic Roller Camshaft Kit including the right Lifters and Springs. Do i need different Pushrods also or can i use the hydraulic flat tap Ones i have. Would love to hear some Recommendations of you. The Engine is going into a 69 Thunderbird. I just want a pretty hot Streetcar. I already have the Edelbrock RPM Intake an Torque Stall Converter with 2500 rpm+ and it will use the cast iron Cobra Jet Exhaust Manifolds.
Best Regards Greg


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