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521 with Holley Sniper 4500

Mike R
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Post  Nick63Galaxie May 13th 2023, 1:10 am

I have new cam that isn’t the same as the 304-8 cam that I was running before. It’s a 110 LSA same lift but a little less duration. Not sure if I am gonna boost it or Spray the hell out of it. I have a Nitrous Outlet direct port setup here for it, but I would really like to run one of those new TorqueStorm 91mm or 94mm surfer chargers that just came out.

I have been lagging on getting everything put back together. I am sitting on everything to fix the car and just have t pulled the trigger to do it.
I have picked up a 63 Fairlane Wagon as well and the engine ended up giving up the ghost and since then I have lost some motivation at moment to get in there and get things fixed.

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521 with Holley Sniper 4500 - Page 2 Empty Re: 521 with Holley Sniper 4500

Post  supervel45 May 13th 2023, 2:44 am

Cool. Stay on the conservative side on your tunes with the Nos or Boost if you go there, and it will last longer. I wish you well with the new cam setup.

If you don't have any safety equipment, I would not get too much more carried away either.

That Twin Setup is/would be nice. Thanks for mentioning it. It reminds me of the one or two Shelby Cobras from the 1960's like Bill Cosby had one of. Cool A Blue Thunder Dual Quad Intake with throttle body's with your multiport would look nice.

I linked it for the other guys, first I've seen it.


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